Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Mountains have been a tradition at Disney Parks around the world for over 50 years. The Mountain are visually stunning but also play an important psychological role to Guests brave enough to scale their peaks. Mountains are mysterious, dangerous and are only for the brave at heart. They hide their internal workings and offer no peek at what lies inside. This kind of idea was exactly what Walt Disney and his Imagineers wanted to do when designing Disneyland. Up til that point in time (and still to this day), anyone could build a roller coaster on a parking lot and people would ride it. However, when you hide all of that steel and distract the Guest from what truly lies inside, those are the attractions that they will remember for a lifetime.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: The different Parks various incarnations of the ride are equally as beautiful, and those colorful peaks and spires are a reassuring sight as they soar in the distance as you approach the land it dominates. Big Thunder is truly the wildest ride in the wilderness and to this day lives up to that statement.
Lastly, we will hop over to the "other park" and conclude our expedition with a trip to the legendary Grizzly Peak. At 1,401 feet tall, this is the landmark for the Golden State, it's iconic design, lush surroundings and playful ride system makes Guests feel as if they have seen all of California's national parks in one visit. 

UPDATE: Here are wallpaper versions of the posters. Share and enjoy!!